Sonntag, 11. Juli 2010

Field Recording 009 | Quantec in the mix

Hi @ all,here is my dj set for Field Recording nl:

All the guys love my mix,but I think some tracks are a bit low on the gain knob on that A&H mixer,its my fault but I hope you can enjoy that mix anyhow!

Blessings to all ♥

Artist: Quantec (mixed with an A&H mixer,two Technics and a CD player)
Catalog: 009
Country: Germany
Mix: 01:12:45
Download: above from the player

soulphiction | transistor slugs
theorem | nebulus
eigenart | farewell
subtech | livin´ dream
eigenart | cosmoganic cycle
atlantic fusion | sanctuary
sweeney soulman | tales of an insomniac | deep in the future | original mix
replika | inner visions | original mix
azuni | I feel for you | original mix
timewriter | ten strut
timewriter | back in school
lukas greenberg | you are alive
marshall jefferson vs. noosa heads | mushrooms | noosa heads remake
quantec | devil´s workshop (soon on WNCL on 10" vinyl)
von schommer | track 1

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